Treatment Testimonials

Tera-Mai™ Reiki/Seichem Treatment Testimonial

“I couldn’t recommend Victoria highly enough, I came to Victoria struggling with burnout and the pressures of an extremely demanding work life. I have always believed in holistic therapies but was astounded at just how liberating my session with Victoria was.

Victoria created a beautiful environment of trust, empathy and compassion.

I was able to talk to her, like talking to an old friend. The session itself I can only describe as life changing. Victoria is a master energy reader and was able to pick up on areas of my life that needed my attention. There was nowhere for me to hide but I came away with practice tools to use and thoughts to contemplate.

After my experience, I am officially converted, not only was I soothed and 

given a sense of hope by my experience with Victoria but I was empowered and inspired on how to move forward. A treatment with Victoria is a gift for the soul and one I couldn’t recommend highly enough”.

April – Tunbridge Wells

September 2019

My healing session with Victoria was fantastic. The Tera-Mai™ Reiki is something everyone should experience! I felt light, relaxed and most importantly, balanced after my session. Victoria is also an excellent counsellor who is patient, kind and inspiring. I feel supported mentally, physically and spiritually.

Highly recommended.

Ellen Lung – Hamburg – April 2019

I went to see Victoria as I was experiencing dizziness, sickness, fatigue and general poor health. During the week I had been experiencing very bad anxiety.

Victoria started the treatment with an energy cleansing and began to remove any negative energy that I had picked up. I experienced various states of emotion. The treatment was completed by a wonderful Tera Mai™ Reiki healing and by the end I felt fully restored to my normal state of well-being. I was amazed by what I experienced and cannot recommend Victoria more highly if you are feeling totally out of sorts.

Thank you,

Emma – Tunbridge Wells

Thank You!

I just wanted to say thank you for this morning. The pressure that has been around my eye for the last week has gone and I am no longer squinting. I do still have a slight headache but nowhere near as debilitating as it has been recently. The pains in my chest have eased and I feel generally lighter which is amazing for such a short space of time. I have also had no appitite for the last week, however am feeling ravenous now!
I am going to invest some time into my wellbeing and when i have the money i will come and have a proper treatment with you, because if I feel this much better after this morning I am excited to see how I would feel afterwards.
Thank you again
Charlotte Clark
(The pet food shop lady!)

Dear Victoria,
I would just like to take this opportunity to email you in regards to my progress since we met and primarily to inform you of how impactful it has been. I would firstly like to let you know that since our meeting, as I was driving home I had the words ‘CLEAR’ running through my mind without force and it felt almost foreign to have a clear mindset without negativity or anxiousness.

Since then, I have had an ability to live my life in the present moment and really embrace my life for what it is at the time. Without the usual feeling of being here but not really here, in contrast it felt effortless. No negative thought patterns or contemplation into the past or future just a pure internal happiness which I have so very much craved for a long time. I could well and truly feel the power and force from you and all the energies you gave me have stayed with me thus far. The heat that projected onto me was almost like I was an egg which was being boiled – it was that powerful. Up until now, I have had this amazing feeling and it has been ten days so far.

I have no ability to predict what is to come but what I do know is that I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know what an amazing experience this has been and how it has massively benefitted my life. So thank you Victoria, I am so grateful for what you did for me.

Kind regards,

I have now had several treatments over the last eighteen months with Victoria to support me through some life changing events I found difficult to cope with. One of these was the loss of my beloved father, which I found very difficult to deal with.

I found Victoria caring, supportive and direct, yet very personable. Her treatments were truly ground-breaking for me. I came away with renewed focus, feeling lighter, more balanced and able to deal with the road in front of me. On one occasion, I had a complete spinal realignment from her wonderful Tera-Mai™ Reiki Healing which I have never experienced in any other treatment before.

So if you are looking for a therapist with enormous expertise and knowledge who can work with you on your wellbeing journey, I could not recommend Victoria more highly.

I would like to add, I have been a wellbeing practitioner myself for over 20 years and I therefore find it difficult to find someone of a really high calibre who meets my expectations. I certainly found that in Victoria.

Thank your all you have done for me.

Colleen Young

“Victoria has the extraordinary talent to make you feel completely at ease before, during and after a treatment. She also offers you a safe place in which to open up emotionally and spiritually. Her wisdom and kindness is incredibly supportive with whatever the reason for your treatment.

After suffering with an intense bout of PND following the birth of my second child I feared the mists would never lift. I felt incredibly comforted by the treatments I received. I felt spiritually lighter, emotionally more resilient and I felt like I had been given an angelic nudge to start moving forward.
Victoria is a wonderful, warm and wise energy wizard and I would recommend a visit to see her!”

Dot xx

Feedback from client with broken collar bone after 11 days from receiving just 2 Tera-Mai TM Healing Treatments being the last resort before the surgery option! This is what Julian Molton of Mayfield, East Sussex had to say:

“Today is a good day. Just got back from the hospital and collarbone has fused. About two weeks ago the doctor said it had not fused I found out today that it takes 2/3 months to fuse so that doctor had jumped the gun a little as it had only been 6 weeks. Back to work Monday then back to Brands next month.
Thank you for your help Victoria Gosher.”

Julian Molton, Mayfield

“My name is Pnina Yagev, 86 years old. I have known Victoria Gosher for several years and have received several Reiki treatments from her. Once on a visit to South Africa she gave me a Reiki treatment which I could recommend for anyone. I felt so much better and was filled with much energy and good feelings that were definitely a result of her treatment. Victoria, in my opinion has healing powers which I could feel through her good hands. She is dedicated to her healing work, is scrupulously and hygienically clean and does cause positive therapeutic results. During her stay in Israel I again experienced some treatments from her. She did not fail in my expectations of her and once again qualified to me to be a very professional healer. I could highly recommend her in executing healthy healing Reiki treatments.”

Pnina Yagev

“Once again I would like to thank you for the wonderful Reiki treatments I received from you. I can’t tell you how sorry I was that you left the country and am sure that you will continue to practice your profession and make other people happy and relaxed. Because of you, I myself started to learn Reiki I and very soon I’ll continue with Reiki II. Please keep in touch and let me know what is happening with you.”

Rosine Cohen

“I found Victoria very professional and enjoyed the Reiki treatment very much. Following the treatment I was incredibly relaxed. Thank you very much.”

Ian – Solicitor

“I was away for three months in the United States and I did not have the opportunity to say farewell to you and to thank you for the sensitive and wonderful Reiki treatments. You helped alleviate my anxiety and hip problems and you taught me serenity and a different outlook on life. Wherever you go people will benefit from your knowledge and your generosity. You are an asset to the field of Reiki. Your concern and sensitivity will be sorely missed.”

Lisette van Vlijmen