Reiki To Reach Your Full Potential

All human beings have the in-build capacity to grow and achieve their full potential in this lifetime.

Tera-Mai TM Reiki healing supports and assists individuals with the breaking down and releasing of these toxic energies by holding the space and supporting individuals through this transition time of healing.

Tera-Mai™ Reiki is a style of Reiki healing that many people are unfamiliar with. Here at Your Hands Can Heal School of Healing we offer both treatments as well as in-depth Tera-Mai™ Reiki courses not just for holistic therapists, but for any one who has an interest in learning more about Reiki and healing.

A Tera-Mai™ Reiki treatment is more than just a relaxing holistic treatment, it transforms peoples lives. Using a variety of specific healing techniques the healer is able to release the energetic build up of mental, emotional & physical energy in the auric field. This particular style of Reiki healing is extremely powerful, well balanced and is able to not just connect to the cause of the dis-ease but to breakdown the build up of the energy that may be already showing up as mental, emotional or physical health issues.

Tera-Mai™ Reiki is a Reiki style of healing that focuses on the removal of negative energies resulting from life’s traumas and experiences, rather than the plaster approach.

Tera-Mai™ Reiki gives fast results, it is non invasive, extremely relaxing and leaves the recipient feeling light and emotionally calm. The benefits of the treatment are experienced rapidly. Tera-Mai™ Reiki healing takes healing results to that new level.


Tera-Mai™ Reiki helps individuals to reach their full potential in this lifetime.