The Purpose For Healing Using Reiki

Season’s Greetings 2018

To all the Tera-Mai™ Reiki students of Your Hands Can Heal School of Healing have a wonderful Christmas and may 2019 bring you all much joy and happiness.

The purpose for healing is primarily concerned with spiritual growth for the soul at this current time, should you be “intending to evolve”. The guidance given may be guiding you towards where you need to be, and what you need to do to grow spiritually, not what your personality thinks it wants as in material gains.

You came to Earth for a reason and this is what your soul can lead you towards by assisting you to fulfil your soul’s purpose. It may have nothing to do with the life you are currently leading, or the lifestyle you would like to lead at this time. Spiritual growth will give you a different perspective on what is important.

Earth and all kingdoms are working towards unity, balance, and a state of abundance where resources on earth are evenly distributed.  So, as you state your intention to bring in certain experiences into your life, check if your dream is in alignment with the Earth’s dream for ascension, otherwise the energy may not be available to fulfil your aspirations.

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