The Initiation into the Ancient Order of Melchizedek

The Order of Melchizedek

The High Priest Melchizedek established a healing order of priests and priestesses, is mentioned several times in the Old Testament. Priest Melchizedek was the king of Salem and Priest of El Eyon. In the New Testament, Jesus initiates a priest into the Order of Melchizedek. The Order of Melchizedek connects the initiate to the Divine Plan for Earth and the ancient Ones.

This ancient sacred initiation into Order of Melchizedek connects the Tera-Mai™ Reiki initiate to the Divine Plan for the Earth.

After receiving this very special magical initiation the healing energy of the Tera-Mai™ healer will run more smoothly. This initiation connects initiates to an incredibly powerful energy which will instantly ground them when required, the more grounded a healer is the deeper the level of healing is and therefore giving a better overall result. This initiation provides a solid foundation for all of the healing work that the healer does thereafter.

The next initiation into the Order of Melchizedek will be on Sunday 11 November 2018, for those student’s who are attending the Violet Flame Initiation.