Student Testimonials

Victoria is a brilliant teacher!! I highly recommend her courses. I have recently completed my Hands-on Healing course the foundation as well as my Tera-Mai™ Reiki Level 1 course which includes the initiation. 

I found the courses to be easy to understand and well explained by Victoria. She is a relaxed and approachable teacher with patience and empathy a plenty!!

I certainly look forward to all further training and initiations with her in the future. 

Also I have received a healing from Victoria and found it have immense positive impact on my health and life!

Thank you for your wonderful work.

Kelly Bond – New Romney – August 2019

The Hands-on Healing Course  (Reiki Level 1 Part one)

I highly recommend this course and this lady to everyone who wants to learn healing, The course I have completed has been transformative for me another major step up in my own healing since completing the foundation course I overcame the last of my pain killer/antidepressants/seizure control meditations. I haven’t had a seizure now since November last year and constantly moving upwards towards health wellbeing and prosperity, I have found a deeper level of love for myself and compassion for my grief and journey. The healing I give to others is powerful and effective because I have a deeper understanding that’s put together beautifully by Victoria x x x

Kelly Bond – New Romney – Jan-Feb 2019

Hey Victoria, you have an incredible way of unlocking what’s inside various individuals, including me !

Our journeys always expand and move forwards, but I’ll always remember the people that have supported me. The beauty of what we do has no value or words at times. The energy is extremely vibrant at the moment, I’ve adopted a tongue in cheek comment to some clients “if you don’t want to change don’t get on the couch”.

love to  you xxx

Matt Hill Tera-Mai™ Reiki – Level 3

Tera-Mai™ Reiki – Level 2

This lady taught me Tera Mai™ healing and has changed my outlook on life totally.

I thank you Victoria Love & Light

Debra Gent – Wadhurst  🙏🙏🙏♥️♥️♥️ xxx

Tera-Mai™ Reiki – Level 3/Master Level Testimonial

I connected with Victoria almost eight years ago when I first began my journey with Reiki.

She has always been a fantastic source of knowledge and her teaching style is very clear and grounded.

From Usui Reiki to Tera-Mai™ Reiki her enthusiasm is contagious. She is an authentic Healer and Teacher.

She has empowered me to continue to self develop. She has guided me and challenged me and always been my cheer leader.

To study and be initiated to level 3 Master/teacher level was a fantastic achievement. But it was one done from beginning to end of my Reiki training with Victoria there for guidance.

I feel equipped emotionally, mentally and with the right training technique to initiate other people. I find Victoria very comfortable to be around and wise to boot!

Thank you Victoria!

Dot Winter – Tunbridge Wells – March 2019

The Golden Symbols workshop was a fabulous day. Lots of lovely new techniques to work with and expanding my understanding of the immense power of Tera-Mai™. Thank you Victoria for your expertise and sharing your knowledge. Each workshop brings about a deeper and deeper understanding and a feeling that each client will benefit more and more from my practice.

With love & light xxx

Niki Jacobs – Tera-Mai™ Reiki Practitioner – April 2019

The Hands-on Healing Course Testimonial

I have found the foundation course in Hands-on Healing extremely informative. Victoria is very clear and easy to understand, as well as being an approachable teacher. I feel confident that I have learnt what is needed to complete a healing treatment and look forward to my next level.

Kelly Bond – New Romney – Feb 2019

The Hands-on Healing Course Testimonial

Having just completed the Hands-on Healing course, I can say that Victoria is a very thorough and patient teacher.  Her years of experience are obvious in the detail she is able to pass onto her students.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and, in itself, have found it a form of personal healing.

Thank you.

Sue Lunn – Crowborough – Feb 2019

Tera-Mai™ Reiki Level 2 Testimonial

It is always lovely to receive testimonials from the students who have been taught at Your Hands Can Heal School of Healing.

This is what one student had to say, “Victoria has helped to mentor me and develop my skills to enable me to be the healer and person I am today!

An incredible teacher and lady in every way pastedGraphic.png  ”

Kelly CliftTera-Mai™  Reiki Practitioner – Sept 2018

Tera-Mai™ Reiki Level 1 Testimonial

I have attended 2 workshops run by Victoria and have thoroughly enjoyed both.

Victoria is an expert in her field and extremely knowledgeable. She is very patient and takes the time to ensure everyone understands the topic at hand. The information and training booklets you receive are wonderful. I would not hesitate to recommend Victoria and look forward to attending more of her workshops, I feel blessed to have found her.

Heidi Mortlock – May 2018

Training Testimonial

I have been a student of Victoria’s since 2007, when I first embarked on my Reiki journey with her. Starting with an initial hands-on-healing course, and then through advanced Usui and Karuna Reiki, to Tera-Mai™ Reiki, she has been a constant and inspirational source of spiritual wisdom and guidance. Victoria has given me a deep understanding of the universal energy which drives us all, and the healing techniques we can use to put right energetic imbalances in our minds and bodies, and thus improve the mental and physical  health and well-being of everyone. She is a hugely intuitive yet practical teacher, and I would recommend her to anyone who is interested both in developing and growing their knowledge of, and abilities in, energetic healing, and in the practicalities of running a healing business.

Chris Moreton – Tera-Mai™ Level – 2 April 2018

Space Clearing/Mental Clearing Workshop – Feb 2018

I spent today learning new Tera-Mai™ magic skills with the best witches I know. You are a true mentor! Can’t wait to put in to practice all my new skills Dot xxx

More workshop feedback from the Level 2 workshop November 2017, “Setting up of a Professional Healing Practice”.

Thank you for the workshop on 26 November. It was really informative, as all of your workshops are ! It was really good to have a focus on the ‘business’ side of things.

I felt it really boosted my confidence, and helped to solidify plans that I have in mind.
I felt the practical session was really beneficial in building a structure, or basis, for the treatment, it was great to be able to take away influences and practices of the other practitioners…and it has noticeably improved my treatments. (so I also thank everyone who attended).

Best wishes,


More great workshop feedback from the Level 2 workshop “Setting up of a Professional Healing Practice”.
As an extra bonus they were all initiated into the Order of Melchizedek.

Testimonial 2

A loving, insightful and not to leave out fun Workshop learning to sustain ourselves so we can be effective with this powerful healing system. The connection and energy of the group was really lovely. I feel much more grounded after our initiation in to the order of Melchizedek. Thank you Victoria for bringing us all together.

Much love Olivia (Clive)

Student feedback from the Level 2 workshop “Setting up of a Professional Healing Practice”.
As an extra bonus they were all initiated into the Order of Melchizedek.

Testimonial 3

Thank you so much for the workshop on Sunday Victoria, I found it so beneficial, I came away with so many business tips and marketing ideas and so much confidence in myself and drive to get my self out there practising. I found it invaluable. The attunement was awesome, the environment at the Vitality Clinic beautiful and the group very special.
Alex Wilson

Energy Workshop Feedback – Hands-on Healing Module 1

Dear Victoria,

That was the most wonderful workshop, thank you so much for putting in all the time and energy. You made it so enjoyable and understandable. Energy feels less frightening to accept and enjoy

It was a treat and privilege to meet you and the girls on the course, all of whom were completely lovely.

You’re a super teacher and such fun. I’m looking forward to working with you again and will practise my grounding with happiness and joy

Best and happiest wishes


“Reiki is a wonderful spiritual practice and enlightening healing system which allows a person to heal, transform and to assist in healing others.”

So Beautifully put, for me at Golden Glow these words are massive as when I started my journey into the world of healing I was more curious than anything else. Just over a year now and I am starting to understand the journey that is before me. I Remember Victoria saying to me Reiki is away of life, I was a little puzzled be her words !!! but sure enough with in 6 months the universe had aligned everything around me for this to happen. When we believe and have faith and trust in the process we can achieve what our heart desires. Victoria is a truly special person who has guided me through my journey, she has taken many a phone call from me, when I need someone to talk to about my experiences and always found time for me. My Journey is life long now with no end date and I am looking forward to more shared time with Victoria.
Love & Light Matt x

“I have had the pleasure of having Tera-Mai™ treatments with Victoria and also being tutored in Tera-Mai™. Victoria is a very knowledgeable practitioner and tutor who is always calm, informative and guiding. I have been honoured to have had Victoria enter my life and brighten it with her energy.”

Kelly Clift

“I feel so blessed to have been directed back to Victoria to train in Tera-Mai™. Victoria offers a completely holistic training method, which has equipped me with the necessary tools to support my own healing journey, which was not available to me during my initial Usui Reiki training (with a different Reiki teacher). I have learnt, the hard way, that these tools are essential to the transformational process involved in healing work. The transformation has been incredible, within a few short weeks I have had many people notice that ‘there is something different’ about me. I am looking forward to continuing my training. Victoria is an extremely knowledgeable and supportive Reiki teacher. During training, initiations and workshops there is a great sense of ‘home’ meeting with like-minded individuals, all on their own healing journey.”


“I have thoroughly enjoyed my healing course with Victoria. I needed to look at some different techniques and approaches to my healing practice and Victoria has certainly fulfilled that for me. She is a highly accomplished and truly wonderful healing practitioner herself and I found the workbooks Victoria provided the best I have ever seen for a course; so detailed and informative. True “wellbeing and healing bibles”! This is so vital to reinforce our learning experiences – for the months and years that follow our training.

Thank you Victoria for sharing your insights and wisdom with me.”

Colleen J Young, Lead Practitioner & Manager,

“I have been telling people about my experience with the Hands-on Healing Course. After doing Reiki 1 and 2 elsewhere I did feel a little out on a limb and wanted some more knowledge, experience and understanding. It was reassuring to know that I could go back to a more solid foundation to gain further insight into Reiki. In going back to the basics I have become more confident as a Practitioner. Victoria’s teaching is thorough, comprehensive and enjoyable. The Hands on Healing Manuals are a valuable tool of reference. Not only does Victoria freely impart her knowledge, which is vast, she is incredibly encouraging, supportive and enthusiastic. She wants her students to do well and is approachable in every way as well as being thoroughly entertaining. The course fulfilled and surpassed my expectations and I would recommend this to anyone who wishes to either start or progress on their Reiki journey.”

Michelle Sanson

“I wanted to take the opportunity to say how much I enjoyed your course, you really are a true professional and your dedication to supporting us on our journey was above and beyond the call of duty. I have and would thoroughly recommend you to anyone. I have no idea where this Reiki journey of mine is going to take me but trust it will be where I am meant to be/go.”

Emma, Nr. Tunbridge Wells

“Victoria’s infectious enthusiasm and passion for Reiki, and her calm and certain support for me as an individual and a Reiki practitioner-to-be, remained constant, and were consistent factors throughout my entire journey towards achieving Reiki 1. The course itself was challenging, tiring, emotional, uplifting and magical. Throughout the journey of both personal and professional discovery, Victoria maintained her belief in me and her support was unwavering. She will also instil in you values of living that you will not want to renounce. She will selflessly share her years of learning and experience; and she will support you and guide you on this complex path. It was not an easy ride, but the depth of knowledge you acquire with Victoria, the extent of, literal, hands-on practice, and her availability to you for questions and queries leaves you with a quiet and solid confidence and a certainty in your knowledge and practice of Reiki. You also acquire a true respect for the work and for those who it brings to you.”

Amanda, Reiki first degree

“Well here it is! The daily self healing sessions have been so great, that I think I should continue – though maybe not EVERY day! This whole experience has been great, Victoria, and I think you have been an excellent teacher. Your emphasis on teaching us the background to Reiki, and the basics of how to treat people with confidence has been just right. I’m glad I got into Boaz’s taxi – which I think was meant to be! Looking forward to the healing circle in January”


“I just wanted to write and say thank you for such a wonderful day yesterday. It was so informative, enjoyable, beautifully organised and thoroughly professional whilst at the same time, comfortably informal. I would love to take part in the next workshop.”

Niki – Northiam