Tera-Mai™ Seichem Healing

Moving on from Tera-Mai™ Reiki the Tera-Mai™ Seichem healing system initiates students into the 4 elements: Earth, Fire, Water & Air.

These elements are spoken of by the ancient mystics and are used in Tera-Mai™ Seichem healing system to purify both the body and the mind. In the same way that there is need of sun and water for plants to grow, so there is also a need of these elements for a person to keep in perfect health. This is why the Tera-Mai™ Seichem healing system offers such exceptional healing properties.

Traditional Seichem™ passes down fire energy with the grounding qualities of Earth (Reiki).

Earth (Reiki) healing energy is experienced as heat and cold, grounding all other healing energy.

Fire (Sakara) is clearly distinguished as pulses of low voltage electricity. Works in the aura as well as the astral body, which directly affects the physical body.

Water (Sophie-El) waves of cool energy. Brings up deep emotional issues for healing.

Angelic Light (air) is the 2-fold energy of air & spirit. Assists with mental healing, enhancement of the power of the third eye and the spoken word. Healer and healee often experience the presence of angels.

Seichem Level 1

In Tera-Mai™ Seichem Level 1 you will learn what Universal healing energy from Source is able to do through your hands.

Duration: 1 day

Cost: £150.00

Pre-requisite: Tera-Mai™ Reiki Level 3

Seichem Level 2

In Tera-Mai™ Seichem Level 2 , students will still use their hands, but the emphasis will be on using the power of the third eye that Angelic light brings, and experiencing what may be achieved in the the aura with the Sakara energy. You may receive auditory messages, and perhaps begin to develop an inner knowing.

During the healings, students will become more aware of the difference that Sophi-El brings to emotional releases.

Duration: 2 days

Cost: £ 220.00

Pre-requisite: Tera-Mai™ Seichem Level 1

Seichem Level 3

In this course students will learn and practice all three Tera-Mai™ Seichem initiations. Students will be instructed how to pass the Ceremony for Psychic Cleansing and Protection, receive and learn how to pass on the initiation into the Violet Flame and learn a more advanced YOD initiation.

Duration: 2 days

Cost: £ 400.00

Pre-requisite: Tera-Mai™ Seichem Level 2

For those wanting to learn about Tera-Mai™ Healing and Reiki I strongly advise a treatment with me prior to registering for a course. Students will find this extremely beneficial, especially once the course starts. After the core training, there are on-going workshops to continue to and expand the learning process reinforcing what I teach, thus allowing students to develop their healing skills

All Enquiries Email: info@yourhandscanheal.co.uk

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Should you wish to enquire about a Tera-Mai™ Seichem course or have any other questions after visiting this website, please don’t hesitate to contact me.