The Breath Is Essential To All Healing

The Breathe is Vital in Healing

The breath is the principal power needed in healing. The power of the breath connects us to the our source, which facilitates healing to both the body and the mind. All the various manifestations of the magnetic current which come from the tips of the fingers, from the glance, and from the pores of the skin are indirect manifestations of the breath. Tera-Mai™ Reiki can allow the breath to flow more freely by releasing the blockages. It is the strength of the breath which gives magnetic power in all its different aspects. Weakness of breath causes weakness of mind and body, and strength of breath is strength to both. One cannot lack energy and magnetism if one’s breath is full of energy. Therefore before developing any means of healing, the power of the breath should be developed first. This is key to not just the practical side of treatments, but is key to the journey of self mastery!  

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