Tera-Mai™ Reiki/Seichem Healing
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“Hone Your Mind – Heal Your Body”

Hello, my name is Victoria Gosher. I am a Tera-Mai™ Reiki/Seichem Master Teacher & Healer based in Ticehurst, Nr. Tunbridge Wells in East Sussex.

I am very passionate about transforming lives and making that difference to individuals. The Tera-Mai™ Reiki/Seichem healing system is the most incredible healing system comparing it to other styles of energy healing & Reiki healing systems simply said the Tera-Mai™ healing system walks away with the prize. I believe if you provide a solid background for students they will go onto becoming incredible healers and teachers themselves, so I don’t take short cuts. From all the styles of Reiki healing I have worked with over the past 2 decades or so, the Tera-Mai™ Reiki/Seichem healing system is the purest and most powerful healing medium I have used and taught to date. The Tera-Mai™ Reiki/Seichem healing system provides a more suitable and wider range of healing tools than other Reiki styles are able to offer and is more suitable for the times in which we live.

I am a Tera-Mai™Reiki/Seichem teacher and practitioner with more than 2 decades of experience in healing and ancestral transformational work, based, near Ticehurst, near Tunbridge Wells, East Sussex. I am dedicated to providing quality teaching of Tera-Mai™ Reiki/Seichem healing courses, transforming individuals to reaching their full potential. I don’t take short cuts, so my students receive a really solid training.

Your Hands Can Heal School of Reiki was formally established back in 2004. In January 2015 Tera-Mai™ Reiki re-knocked on my doorstep for the second time in my life when a Tera-Mai™ healer temporally visiting East Sussex used my husband’s services and from this we were then connected. (the first time being back in South Africa in 1996). After experiencing the magic of a Tera-Mai™ Reiki treatment myself, I decided I wanted to convert and offer my students the opportunity of converting to this incredible healing system. Once converted I was then asked if I would establish Tera-Mai™ Reiki healing in the South-East of England and of course I accepted this quest.

It has been a long journey; including a new name for the school, a new website, a series of conversions, teaching level 3 to some of our more experienced student practitioners and for new students teaching them from scratch in order that they become confident Tera-Mai™ Reiki healers who may then go onto becoming confident Tera-Mai™ Reiki Reiki teachers and perhaps moving onto the Tera-Mai™ Seichem healing system.

The Tera-Mai™ Reiki/Seichem healing system is better suited for the times in which we are now living, with a wide selection of healing tools for those incredible healing results. Through the Hands-on healing foundation course, visualisations and meditations an individual is able to experience that inner peace giving themselves the opportunity to transform their lives. I have taught both the Usui and Karuna Reiki systems, so know both systems well and am happy to convert and upgrade those who are interested in learning more about this well balanced healing system called the Tera-Mai™ Reiki healing system. I offer both healing treatments and in-depth courses as well as on-going workshops in Reiki and thereafter Seichem healing.

Should you be interested in wither experiencing a healing treatment or signing up for the Tera-Mai™ Reiki level 1 and starting you own healing journey, drop me a message and let us start you healing journey together.

Contact: Victoria Gosher – Tera-Mai™ Reiki/Seichem Teacher/Healer

Email: info@yourhandscanheal.co.uk

Some of the Benefits of Tera-Mai™ Reiki & Seichem Healing:
  • Dissolves Emotional Blockages
  • Cleans & Scrubs up Timelines (an individuals destiny)
  • Dissolves Psychological Energetic Distress – improving Mental Health
  • Instantly grounds the recipient – enabling individuals to more easily and effectively manage the day to day running of everyday life
  • Cuts the Cords of Dysfunctional & Toxic Relationships
  • Breaks up toxic Webbing created by individuals who may not have your best interest at heart, casting toxic thoughts in your direction
  • Raises the Energetic Frequency of the Physical Body – improving general physical & emotional wellbeing
  • Opens up individuals to seeing the truth in life & situations – very useful !
  • Speeds up the time for the physical body to heal
  • Brings about deep relaxation (Energetic Valium – for that super chilled out feeling!)

Tera-Mai™ Healing puts back what modern day living takes away!

Sleeplessness – depression – anxiety – stress – headaches – migraines – apathy and other mental health issues are ALL symptoms indicating that all is not well with an individual! This is when a Tera-Mai™ Reiki healing treatment can help to dis-mantle the physical energetic cause of dis-ease, leaving the individual feeling emotionally calm, deeply relaxed, light and better able to cope with life. Many physical symptoms also improve after a Tera-Mai™ Healing treatment has been experienced.

What is Tera-Mai™ Reiki Healing and how does it work?

Tera-Mai™ Reiki is a style of Reiki healing that many people are unfamiliar with. Here at Your Hands Can Heal School of Healing we offer both treatments as well as in-depth Tera-Mai™ Reiki courses not just for holistic therapists, but for any one who has an interest in learning more about Reiki and healing.

A Tera-Mai™ Reiki treatment is more than just a relaxing holistic treatment, it transforms peoples lives. Using a variety of specific healing techniques the healer is able to release the energetic build up of mental, emotional & physical energy in the auric field. This particular style of Reiki healing is extremely powerful, well balanced and is able to not just connect to the cause of the dis-ease but to breakdown the build up of the energy that may be already showing up as mental, emotional or physical health problems.

Tera-Mai™ Reiki gives fast results, it is non invasive, extremely relaxing and leaves the recipient feeling light and emotionally calm. The benefits of the treatment are experienced rapidly. Tera-Mai™ Reiki healing takes healing results to that new level. This style of Reiki healing is more about the removal of the build up of negative energies stored up as thought patterns, negative beliefs, negative ancestral beliefs, and negative life experiences, including parasitic energies. Thus a Tera-Mai™ healing treatment is able to assist the transformation process more rapidly enabling individuals to reach their full potential in all aspects of their lives. This style of Reiki is very different to the Usui Reiki system, which only involves the practitioner channeling energy more like a pamper treatment, not the removal of negative energies and energetic entities. For those who have worked with Karuna Reiki, there are some similarities but the difference is the purity of the initiation process and of course the healing results themselves.

In the Tera-Mai™ Reiki system it is the quality of the initiations themselves that is responsible for this incredible healing energy and it is through this process that the most remarkable healings are then able to take place.

To experience a Tera-Mai™ Reiki healing treatment (or treatments) can help towards remedying this malaise. The benefits of the treatment are experienced rapidly. Tera-Mai™ Reiki/Seichem Healing takes healing results to that new level.

Healing enables individuals to optimise their full potential.

I offer:

  • Tera-Mai™ Healing Treatments
  • The Hands-on Healing Foundation Course (4 modules)
  • Tera-Mai™ Reiki Courses – Level 1, Level 2 & Level 3
  • Tera-Mai™ Reiki Conversions
  • Initiation into the Order of Melchizedek
  • Tera-Mai™ Violet Flame Initiation
  • The Golden Tera-Mai™ Reiki – Level 1, Level 2 & Level 3
  • Tera-Mai™ Seichem – Level 1, Level 2 & Level 3
  • On-going Tera-Mai™ Reiki workshops in for all students
  • Space Clearing (upon request)

Classes are currently offered from both Ticehurst and the professional setting of Vitality Health & Wellbeing Clinic in Crowborough, East Sussex.

I require that ALL new students experience a Tera-Mai™ Reiki Treatment with myself before registering for the Hands-on Healing Course (Reiki Level 1, Part One).

I feel so blessed to have been directed back to Victoria to train in Tera-Mai™. Victoria offers a completely holistic training method, which has equipped me with the necessary tools to support my own healing journey

– Abbie-Frances

Victoria has the extraordinary talent to make you feel completely at ease before, during and after a treatment. She also offers you a safe place in which to open up emotionally and spiritually.

– Dot

Every person, young or old, male or female has the ability to heal themselves. Healing is something that anyone can learn to do, but it takes dedication and an open mind to master this ancient art of hands on healing.

Emotional stress not only has a very negative and corrosive effect on our physical bodies and mental health, but also affects the Endocrine System in a very negative way. Experiencing a Tera-Mai™ Reiki/Seichem treatment for yourself will allow you to transcend all your negative ancestral beliefs that no longer serve you, rebalancing all your energy centres/chakras and thus improving the functioning of your Endocrine System.

Tera-Mai™ Healing Treatments

A Tera-Mai™ treatment is transformative. Negative ancestral beliefs and emotional traumas materially impact on our physical & mental health. One or more treatments will remedy this malaise.

Tera-Mai™ Healing Workshops

I offer fun, interactive, detailed courses and workshops for both novices and trained therapists. From a broad foundation to understand energy, to training to initiate others into Reiki.

Should you wish to book a Tera-Mai™ Reiki Healing Treatment, enquire about a Tera-Mai™ Reiki Healing Course or have any other questions after visiting this website, please don’t hesitate to contact me.